Grading Systems Used for Football Predictions



Ever wonder how football prediction sites do their stuff? While there's no question as to their helpfulness, how they make their predictions can seem mysterious. But really, there's no such thing as a mystery when it comes to football predictions because everything is plain math and science as you will later understand.


There are many ways match predictions are made, and a grading system is one of the most established methods. It is based on grades or groups that are assigned to different teams. For instance, the top tier category may be assigned a 1 or A, the next tier category may be given a 2 or B grade, and so on. Teams are usually graded according to their past performance. 


The biggest advantage of grading teams based on performance is that it comes with scientific basis for the generalizations made. A lot of casual football players use this method when choosing their bets without knowing it. Provided that grades are assigned with fairness and accuracy, handy statistics can be produced on potential results when teams of varying abilities play against one another..  


As soon as the stats have been defined in percentages, football prediction sites usually convert them into odds, which is a fairly simple process. For instance, Grade B wins against Grade A at Home in 40% of their total number of games, 10% ends up in a draw, and the away team wins the other 50%. When prediction sites come up with percentage stats for the three results of a football game, it should sum up to 100% (in this specific case, 40% + 10% + 50% = 100%). These stats are then converted into decimal odds to predict an upcoming fixture. 


However, grading systems are not perfect. For instance, when only a tiny window of historical information is considered, weak predictions can be made based on short periods of wins and losses. When teams are given the same grade, they may also be given equal treatment even if one team is actually superior to the other. This is why it's crucial to choose a quality football prediction site. There are many out there, but surely they are not the same. 


Finally, just because football prediction methods such as grading systems aren't perfect doesn't mean they don't have potential. They absolutely do as many betters have proven over and over! But as mentioned, you need to be very selective.  And this isn't really a problem because there are so many football prediction sites out there for you to explore. Learn more about sport betting here: